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A graphic art design software that is an alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator

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Graphic Design Studio is a simple and easy to learn software platform that helps graphic designers create media they can employ in the real world. This inexpensive piece of graphic design software can serve as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop, but don't expect to find all the cool features and components you'll find in that venerable platform. Graphic Design Studio is still a useful piece of software, however, and it focuses more on physical media like business cards and flyers than the huge selection of other graphic design platforms out in the world. If you're looking to improve your business' presence and you're working on a budget, this can be a useful tool to have running on your computer.

While Adobe Photoshop has led the market for graphic design and photo editing tools for years now, that legacy comes with its own disadvantages. Many customers chafe at the high prices and the necessity of buying into the larger Adobe ecosystem; and while the tools available through Photoshop are largely unparalleled in the industry, years of iteration have created a tangled system that can be nigh impenetrable for those just dipping their toes into the world of graphic design. Graphic Design Studio doesn't have that problem at all. It's designed inherently to be friendly to new users, and even the most inexperienced user can learn the basics of the software in an afternoon. The idea is to create a graphic design platform that even a kid can use, and their venture into this intuitive design is by and large a successful one.

All the basic design tools are here, and they work exactly as you'd expect if you've worked with a software platform like this one before. Free hand drawing tools come along with simple shapes, and these can be stretched, distorted, or expanded or shrunk with simple movements of the mouse. You can of course make use of a variety of different colors and add text in various fonts and colors to your creation. The text functions are especially robust, as you can add gradients to your fonts and even stretch and distort them as you would traditional images. It's a neat feature that's underutilized in this type of software, and it doesn't require digging through piles of menus to get to the results you're looking for. This same level of control can be applied to traditional clip art as well, so you don't need to start from scratch with your creation.

While other graphic design platforms are designed largely for use on the web, Graphic Design Studio puts its focus on products that you can print out and use in the real world. Despite that, they offer the ability to export your results into more popular file types.


  • Much easier to use than more popularly known graphic design programs
  • Eminently affordable and not tethered to a mandatory subscription plan


  • Contains less features than other graphic design tools on the market

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